Becky Pohlman

Becky Pohlman

Becky Pohlman, RN, BSN

CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Lincoln, Nebraska
United States
Becky is very compassionate and empathetic to my son who is very frightened.

Becky has been our nurse a couple of days now and she has always been pleasant to be around. She answered the call light at the earliest convenience. She was very gentle and patient. No matter how stressed she is and overwhelmed she becomes, she always has a positive attitude. Becky is a great nurse, she made me very comfortable and was very respectful toward my family. She is a great nurse and I just want to say thank you, Becky, for being so nice to my family and me.


I'm the momma of a patient and I live over 10 hours away. My son as re-current testicular cancer, that spread to 45 different areas of his body. Becky has been a nurse for my son for the past 2 days. She has been awesome.

She always comes into the room with a smile and a great attitude, she is very informative and if she doesn’t know the answer she eagerly and quickly finds the answer. She answers call lights very quickly and returns with what requested in a time by manner. She is very friendly and last but not least, Becky is very compassionate and empathetic to my son who is very frightened.

It is obvious that Becky loves being a nurse and she loves her job. Becky is a nurse that St. Elizabeth should be proud to have on their payroll. Just know that for a family that has lost a lot, we have honestly thanked God for her knowledge smile her positive behavior, attitude (when we feel like our world is falling apart), and mostly her compassion and understanding.

You can get a good nurse from learning the skills at college, but Becky has so much more. She brings smiles to our faces and our hearts, which is a hard thing to do for this scared family.

Seeing Miss Becky (I say in respect) come into the room this morning made this very scared momma take a sigh of relief. She has a hero’s smile and attitude. She is kind, compassionate, and empathetic. She is clinically brilliant, she even said there should be an order for a certain med and she couldn't find it on the computer or in the room. She went out and found the order and came back with the med my son needed. She reassured my son, who apologizes every time he calls her into his room.

During this scary time for my son, you can see him almost physically relaxed. I can’t explain enough to you how great she is. She treats my son as an equal, not as if she’s better than him. She always waves as she leaves the room and if there’s anything more, she can do for him. The day before yesterday she told my son that she had Monday off, but she'd be back Tuesday. I think we all were holding our breaths until she walked in this morning. She is a fine example of what a nurse should be!