Becky Green

Becky Green

Becky Green, RN

St. Francis Hospital (GA)
Columbus, Georgia
United States

My boyfriend was brought to your ER sometime shortly after lunch suffering from Heat Sroke/Exhaustion. I was told that upon his arrival he was very distraught and did not know who he was or where he was. There was a particular nurse by the name of Becky, who stayed with him the entire time and helped to calm him (although I do not believe she was his nurse).

Upon my arrival, she approached me and asked my relationship and she could see that I was visibly upset because he did not know me either. She was so sweet to me and just went above and beyond to comfort both of us. She was so personable and just hugged me, which was the best medicine for me. Anytime we needed anything, she was the first to go get it or say let me see if I can find out for you.

She was just the epitome of what a nurse should be, caring and compassionate. I would really like for her to be recognized for her outstanding service.