Becky Cornish

Becky Cornish

Becky Cornish, RN

Resource Team
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

...Becky is a caring and compassionate nurse, as well as hard-working, flexible, and positive. Becky is a role model on the team and is often recognized by patients as well as her peers for her extraordinary care. She has been instrumental in developing the transport RN role into a well-utilized, organized, and effective resource.

Becky approaches patients with an upbeat attitude and friendly approach, and they have confidence in her care. Patients who have to undergo procedures are often anxious and uncomfortable, and she puts them at ease. Staff members say that Becky enters the room and jumps right in to do what the patient needs. If they need something before the procedure, she demonstrates patience and is always willing to help. She provides a level of service that models our Patients Are First values.

Becky has been recognized by patients in discharge calls for her discharge teaching. She is a good communicator and educator, and ensures patients understand their instructions. She has also been recognized by her peers for her teamwork. One RN said, "Becky jumped right in and passed all my meds and started an IV when I was busy with a sick patient." Becky has also been recognized by PCTs on our team as well as other units for being a pleasure to work with and helping them out when they were busy. She was also recognized by a PSS on one of the units for the pleasant, upbeat attitude that she brings to work every day.

We value Becky on our team, and want to recognize her for the care and compassion she brings to her patients and her colleagues.