Beauty Averion

Beauty Averion

Beauty Averion, RN, BSN

Surgical Nursing
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States


I am priveledged and honored to have known Beauty Averion for several years working with her in our esophageal cancer support group. Beauty is one of the most caring and compassionate nurses I have ever met! Not only does she possess a wonderful personality while caring for her patients but her clinical experience and medical knowledge is extraordinary. I speak with and visit many patients on Radvin 6, and I can honestly say that all the nurses are fantastic but Beauty ranks among the best! Many patients tell me how wonderful Beauty is and how well she takes care of them.  They remember her well after they leave the hospital.  This is what makes her special and is so amazing. Penn Medicine is very fortunate to have Beauty on staff as a registered nurse. She makes Penn Medicine look good!


Beauty and I work together on many fronts within the support group. Not only is Beauty dedicated to her patients on Radvin 6, but she also works tiressly in our support group and our activities. Along with her colleagues, Beauty helps plan and run our quarterly support group meetings. Each spring, she promotes an espophageal cancer awareness program. In addition to all this, Beauty also serves as a board member on the non-profit I created, the Esophageal Cancer Support Group of Philadelphia, dedicated to helping patients and their families affected by esophageal cancer. How many people find the time to do all this in the name of caring and supporting cancer patients and families? And more importantly, she does this with a smile that can light up a Christmas tree!

I can go on and on about Beauty but I think you get the idea. As a cancer survivor, I am blessed to have the gift of life. I am also blessed to personally know Beauty and work with her in helping esophageal cancer patients. Beauty's compassion, along with her colleagues, inspire me (and our group) more and more everyday to do what we do in the name of helping others. Doctor's heal us but nurses CARE for us. The care patients recieve when they are in the hospital can make a tremendous difference in their recovery. I can tell you that Beauty DOES make a difference and cares for her patients in a special way that only ones' family and friends can. She is the perfect nomination for the DAISY Award and in my opinion, no one deserves it more! 

R.M., President, Esophageal Cancer Support Group