Bea Endert

Bea Endert, RN

Urgent Care
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa, California
United States

Bea has contact with patients on a weekly and sometimes daily basis for years. She provides the medications to keep the patients out of the hospital and the fluids to keep them alive. She coordinates all of the care between the case managers, doctors, patients, pharmacists, family members and caregivers, etc all by herself to make it happen.

One patient I am thinking of comes several times a week for IV fluids. Bea has developed a relationship with this patient as if she were a family member. They celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special occasions such as news of cancer free when the patient comes in for her treatment. I see how much joy and a reason for living Bea gives to this patient.

There are also patients that come that are a challenge with their quirky needs and Bea treats them with professional courtesy and makes them comfortable however she can. Her job is often thankless. I know her patients miss her when they see a different RN and they question, 'Where is Bea?'. She never turns a patient away when her schedule is full, she is always accomodating. Bea is very deserving of the DAISY Award.