Basim Alharbi

Basim Alharbi

Basim Alharbi, RN

Al Amal and Mental Health Complex in Madinah
Al Madinah
Saudi Arabia

In 'Al Amal and Mental Health Complex'. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- AL Madinah, is a specialized hospital for psychiatric and addiction care.

We recently had a terrible night shift when nurses of Psychiatric Ward 'One' noticed a fire in a room. Immediately they notified the nursing supervisor on duty. He immediately informed the Disaster Team and Duty Manager, they went straight to the intended section.

At this moment the fire was growing, and the view of the smoke was frightening and stuffy. Some patients were sleeping and the others out of their beds. They are generally uncooperative and have a poor judgment and insight due to their Psychiatric illnesses. They refused to go out as well.

Mr. Basim is one of our unique psychiatric ward nurse, he had an exceptional role in evacuated a disable patient safely from his bed to an evacuation area. This patient well known to all medical team. He was a chronic psychiatric patient, uncooperative, difficult to move out of bed, he had repeated incidents of fall down that may have special needs. The fire on his beside, Despite all of this challenges Mr. Basim had never thought to regress back to carry on this patient safely to an evacuation area.   

Finally, the fire team controlled the fire and all patients, cleaners, nurses were evacuated safely with no harm.