Barbara Lemos

Barbara Lemos

Barbara Lemos, RN

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Oxford, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom
Barbara has been so encouraging and supportive to me as a new mother.

Barbara has shown such kindness to our twin boys as well as us, as parents. Her positivity, the way she speaks to and interacts with the boys, and the support and encouragement she has given me has been truly appreciated and has made her stand out to us from other nurses on the ward (who are all amazing too!).

She has taken a genuine interest in both our boys, and responded to something as small as me remarking on one boy having a pink hat (and I preferred a gender neutral/male traditional colour) – she instantly went and found a blue hat without having to ask. It's the small touches that matter.

She has been so encouraging and supportive to me as a new mother – congratulating me each time I express and getting comfortable with handling and caring for my twin boys. Giving me a hug when I was crying for no reason and making me feel so much better, less alone, and unable to cope.

There were days I knew she wasn't working and I genuinely walked onto the ward feeling less happy. When I knew she working after 2 days off, I really looked forward to seeing her and feeling her positivity. She is the kind of nurse you need around when you have fear and uncertainty.

Thank you so much, Barbara, you have helped and supported us more than you will ever know.