Barbara Engle

Barbara Engle

Barbara Engle, RN

Oncology/Med Surg
DMC - Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Commerce Township, Michigan
United States

Barb is an extremely warm and compassionate nurse. As a younger patient admitted with a PE, this was a scary experience for me and my family and Barb was available within seconds of pushing my call light to answer all of our questions, attend to not only my needs but also the needs of my family, offering them beverages and condiments, linens for overnights and words of support and much more!

Having Barb as my nurse two out of the four nights I was here made me feel like my mom was here when she couldn't be. She was not only comforting to me when I was anxious and upset crying out in pain, by simply rubbing my back or arm. She truly advocated for me in every way with the entire medical team.

There was a night when we could just not get my pain under control, between the dilaudid and norco and with my difficulty breathing, Barb made no hesitation in getting the rapid response team and house doctor here to see me stat and make sure something else wasn't going on. I was taken for an xray right away, both my IV push and oral meds were increased in dose and frequency and we were able to get my pain and anxiety under control.

As an ICU nurse myself, I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I haven't been able to achieve for my patients what Barb did for me that quickly. Because of Barb, i will take this personal experience and apply it to my own practices to be a better advocate for my patients in the future. Barb is truly a wonderful nurse and a beautiful person inside and out and my stay here has been one I hold with high regard and will use as the gold standard for any future hospital visits I may have.