Barbara Carpus
August 2020
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
AdventHealth for Children
United States




Barbara embodies all the core values of what a nurse ought to be and more. She is definitely an asset to the PICU. Barbara genuinely has concern for my daughter's well being. I have never witnessed care like this before, and this is coming from someone who is also in the healthcare field. It amazes me how someone who didn't give birth to a child can treat my baby as if she was their own.

Barb went above and beyond on multiple occasions to ensure my daughter receive the best care possible. Her professionalism, compassionate care, and nursing skills were exceptional. She advocated for my daughter on numerous occasions as if she was advocating for her own child. She made sure I was heard, and validated all my concerns and recommendations during rounds regarding her plan of care. Barb's effective communication with the rest of the team was excellent. She always followed up with different team members, which kept me well informed.

Aside from her excellent nursing care and professionalism, Barb was heaven sent during a very stressful period from my daughter being on the transplant list and finally receiving a liver transplant. After being in the hospital for over a month, the guest tray and selections had become very boring, and our nurse noticed; decided one day to just order some lunch for me without taking no for an answer (food was great by the way). She was always checking on me to ensure that I was doing ok; it was as if I was her patient just as much as my daughter was her patient. It is the little things that make such a huge impact.

As a nurse myself, it was hard to put away my nursing hat and just be Mom; but Barb made it extremely easy to turn off my nursing role, and just be "Mom" every time my daughter was in her care. She paid attention to every minuscule detail, and even brought her own material from home and got me into scrapbooking to help keep me occupied. I share all this to say in the midst of a very difficult time, our nurse was truly a ray of sunshine.

Anyone who has had an encounter with Barb and the extraordinary care she gives can truly see the calling in her life. She has a God-given gift of caring for those babies in the PICU, and I am eternally grateful for the care she provided for my girl. For Barb, it’s not just her job, it’s her ministry, which aligns perfectly with Advent Health's mission and values. She definitely left an imprint on our lives, which I am sure she does with many other families. My daughter will definitely know her name.