Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown, RN

3-East/West Med/Surgical Acute Care Unit
Saint Francis Hospital - Bartlett
Bartlett, Tennessee
United States
Barbara went over and beyond to make sure my sister was safe and comfortable.

Barbara Brown is a phenomenal nurse.  Our family had no idea that our sister's doctor's visit for pain in her stomach would result in multiple tests, a 2-week hospital stay, 2 major surgeries in 1 day and multiple medical complications.  This was after finding out that my sister had a sizeable mass in her intestines that was malignant.  Surgeons were not able to remove it because of a very large fibroid in her uterus.  The news was the climax to a very bad day.  My sister is a breast cancer survivor of 10 years.  We knew we were in for a fight.

Barbara came into the room with several additional IV meds that had been additionally prescribed.  Barbara did a quick assessment of my sister's IV line.  She had two concerns. First, the newly prescribed medications could not be administered in the same line with the existing medications.  Second, the other arm could not sustain the existing line or any other new lines.

Barbara called the physician to confirm new medications and inform of IV lines.  She called the pharmacist to confirm incompatibility.  Barbara went over and beyond to make sure my sister was safe and comfortable.  She made sure that my family had what we needed.  Barbara was on point with every detail.  She was exactly what we needed.