Barb Cooley

Barb Cooley

Barb Cooley, RN

Home Health & Hospice
Mayo Clinic Health System - Eau Claire

When PM of Eau Claire was discharged from the hospital on a late Friday afternoon, he returned home without his pain medications or the antibiotics for his picc line. His caregiver, registered nurse Barb Cooley with Mayo Clinic Health System Home Health & Hospice in Hallie, made a few quick phone calls and had the medications delivered to PM's home within an hour. "That is service like no other," PM writes in nominating Cooley for the DAISY Award. "Barb always made sure I had what I needed for comfort. There is no doubt in my mind she went above and beyond her job description to help me out." Barb assisted PM with home care needs for almost two months. PM remembers, "Barb always offered hope during my time of care. She always found a way to get me to smile during the visit. Even when the pain was so bad, she always gave me hope and encouragement."

Receiving the DAISY Award came as a "complete shock," Barb says. "You never know what kind of impact you are going to have on someone." She is proud of the hard work she and her coworkers at Home Health & Hospice do every day. "I am very honored, but I do not do anything that my coworkers do not do," she says.

Barb Cooley has been with Home Health & Hospice for 14 months. She enjoys the challenges that come from working in someone's home, "Our environment is so radically different than the clinical experience. Every day is a surprise. You never really know what to expect; that is what makes it fun!"

Her nursing supervisor, Jennifer Tomasello, appreciates Barb's hard work and dedication, "She takes pride in her work, and she strives to give the very best care possible to our patients." Barb received wound care certification in July 2012. Successful wound management can effect a tremendous change for people. "Being a part of the team that can make that happen for our patients motivates me," she says.