Baetti Branham

Baetti Branham, RN, BSN

Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Joey was transferred to the Moultrie Suite after a difficult course in the ER and CCU. He was admitted to the ER with seizures and hemiparesis and was then intubated due to respiratory issues. Once an EKG was performed, it was discovered that he was having an ST-Segment Elevation MI. He immediately went to the cardiac cath lab, where he went into V-Tach and had to be shocked back into Sinus Rhythm. Dr. Shah was able to open the blocked artery and then he was sent to CCU for several days to get treated for aspiration pneumonia and to be weaned from the ventilator.

The moment Joey was transferred to our floor he bonded with our nursing staff. Joey was a very simple patient from a previous traumatic brain injury. However, the things that make him such a memorable patient were his kindness and cheerful demeanor. Everyone who came through the Moultrie suite knew Joey because he was always wandering the halls, speaking to everyone, smiling, blasting his rock-and-roll music in his room and just being Joey.

However, Joey had an unfortunate family situation. Once he got well enough to discharge our social services team had to work tirelessly to find a community care home for him and a family member who would be willing to come check on him to make sure he was okay. Finally, they found a place in Ohio that would be willing to take him, but now they still had to find a way to get him there.

Baetti Branham, RN along with Paula Ogburn, RN and Brooke Patterson, RN realized he wasn’t going to have anything in this new place he was going– no clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc., so Baetti brought in some of her husband’s old clothes and shoes and started a collection going for Joey. By word of mouth Baetti and her co-workers were able to get Joey a whole new wardrobe: two new pairs of shoes, socks, underwear, blankets, toiletries, a laundry basket and two rolling suitcases full of things for Joey to take with him.

The look on Joey’s face on the day of discharge was priceless. He was so surprised and grateful to have received such kindness while he was here. But his joy was nowhere near the joy the staff felt for being able to help their favorite patient during his stay here.

Baetti has also been our unit morale champion. She keeps up with all of the staff’s birthdays on a calendar in our break room and makes sure everyone gets recognized. She keeps spirits high on our team and tries to find the good in all situations.

Baetti is also very creative. She recently made a “thank you” poster for one of our housekeepers to recognize her for all the hard work she’s done keeping our rooms clean and improving our HCAHPS scores. She then gathered the staff together in order for everyone to present the board to her and show how grateful the Moultrie suite was for her service.

Another project she’s currently doing is a Moultrie Brag Board that has pictures of our staff’s kids, pets and families for everyone to see. This board is a way for the staff to show off some of the most important parts of their lives. She has sent out emails and reminders to encourage the staff to participate along with organizing the pictures in an engaging way on the Brag Board.

Baetti is also a wonderful advocate for her patients. She always walks into the room with a compassionate attitude and ready to face any challenge while still maintaining a calm demeanor. Her patients feel at ease around her and have recognized her many times.

Baetti has won our unit’s Rabbit Race, which is a contest between the staff to see who is the most recognized during leader rounding on patients. She is always willing to help another nurse or tech whenever she can. Baetti leads by example with our No Passing Zone initiative by frequently answering her co-worker’s call lights.

All around Baetti is a great encourager, advocate, and leader. She really cares about giving quality patient care and takes initiative to make her work environment the best it can possibly be.