Autumn Munsell

Autumn Munsell, RN

Atrium West Ortho/Rehab Med/Surg
St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea
Chelsea, Michigan
United States
Her love for nursing is evident in the care she gives.

Autumn is truly the best nurse I have met during my stay.  She demonstrates everything a nurse should be.  She is loving, kind and very compassionate.  She is the "real deal".  Her love for nursing is evident in the care she gives.  She is open, honest and explained everything to a T.  As a nurse myself, I consider myself very fussy.  She truly "Rocks!"


Autumn was one of my nurses during my recovery from surgery.  She took care of me multiple times and was always very patient and compassionate during my stay.  She exemplifies the values of an outstanding nurse!


Autumn was great to have as my nurse.  She was quick to respond to my request for pain and nausea meds.  She also took the time to refill my ice machine for the pain.  Autumn also got stuck talking to a friend of mine (who doesn't shut up!) but was still in great spirits about it.  She always had a smile on her face.