Aurora Diaz

Aurora Diaz

Aurora Diaz, RN

Resource Pool
Methodist Hospital (San Antonio)
San Antonio, Texas
United States

... being a bit fragile following the loss of my husband of more than 56 years, I wanted to wait until I was certain I could cover every detail of what Aurora Diaz brought to our family in love and comfort during a short period of time and prior to my husband's transport to Vistas Hospice where he died within 10 hours.

B was on the seventh floor where we met Aurora Diaz. She was beautiful, efficient and business like when she came on duty. She was meticulous in covering every detail as she was updated of B's care and needs to that point. She asked many questions of the previous shift prior to introducing herself to my husband. She is a take charge professional.

Her approach the first time and continuously was with a quiet voice in his ear and a soft touch. She would say, "Mr M, do I have your permission to do thus or so?"

At this stage, I must credit Methodist Hospital and Aurora with taking such good care of our whole family to the extent they found a private room for him (when there was not one) so that our three children and I could spend his last night in the hospital with him. We were scheduled for transport to Vistas Hospice the next day. When that time arrived, B had not been shaved for five days. Aurora came into the room to minister to him with a shave. Again, she asked permission and proceeded. When he said, "That's enough", she whispered, "Just a bit more", and he was good with that.

You cannot imagine how she comforted our whole family with every gentle service to our loved one. Prior to transport to Vistas, Aurora called our family together to sit down with her. She wanted to let us know that we must continue telling him of our love, affirming our gratitude to him and let him know that family was with him at all times because as she said, "Whether he seems responsive or not, he will hear." We knew that was the case, but Aurora would not leave anything to chance that would benefit her patient.

Please know the jewel you have in Aurora Diaz, beloved by our family and in debt to her as long as we live. I treasure the sympathy card she sent to our family following B's death.