Audrey Carrol

Audrey Carrol, RN

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Portland, Oregon
United States

Audrey was Dad's night nurse his last 2 nights in the ICU. She has a wonderful warm manner and also radiates competence. Both of these qualities gave our family a sense of comfort and also confidence in her care of Dad. She encouraged us to go home and (especially my mom) to get some sleep on Monday night promising to watch over Dad very carefully and call us if anything changed. Mom really needed the rest but was reluctant to leave Dad. She had enough confidence in Audrey to go home and get some sleep. On Tuesday night my mom, sister and I stayed at the hospital, knowing Dad's time was probably short. Audrey helped us set up the couch bed and a recliner in Dad's room, and promised to send someone to get me in the family lounge if he suddenly got worse. My Mom was able to spend Dad's last night with him and said it comforted her to be there.

Audrey made a very sad and difficult time easier and brighter for us all. We are so grateful to her and I know my Dad would have been grateful to her too.