Aubrie Stone

Aubrie Stone

Aubrie Stone, RN

Kaiser Permanente Redwood City Medical Center
Redwood City, California
United States

I met Aubrie when I was first diagnosed. After a week of deteriorating conditions, I was back in the ER and severely distressed. She recognized me from the week before and she displayed traits of character long forgotten in today's society. Her skills and expertise and ability to maintain composure in a busy ER were superb.

Aubrie afforded the utmost compassion and dignity-not just to me in my time of distress, but with all the patients on her watch. I can't begin to describe what I went through except to say that I was in complete misery and Aubrie's bedside manner was impeccable. Her warm personality, experience, and sincere concern for the human condition only exemplify her priceless attributes to Kaiser Permanente, her profession, and humanity as well.

Aubrie made my stay at Kaiser the most pleasant of all hospital experiences I have had. She is truly a gem. Not only am I a patient of hers, but I feel that she is also my friend.