Athma Ashok

Athma Ashok

Athma Ashok, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Medcare Women & Children Hospital
United Arab Emirates
Athma kindly took the time to make my daughter feel welcome and comfortable.

My 4-year-old daughter was admitted to PICU for mycoplasma pneumonia. She was feeling extremely ill and she would not cooperate with the team. Athma took the time to gain the child's trust. She made her feel extremely comfortable, by drawing with her and telling her stories before performing any minor procedures like inserting an IV-line, vital signs, etc. To an extent where my daughter began laughing and started to feel herself when she saw the nurse. There are many health care providers, but some do it at a level of kindness and consideration.


I am so impressed by the wonderful patience and care we were lucky to have at the PICU in Medcare. Having a young child in the hospital can be challenging, but Athma made our 3-day stay even more pleasant. She kindly took the time to make my daughter feel welcome and comfortable, asking questions about the toys she was playing with and looking for creative ways to make a 5-year-old feel as calm and happy as possible, including offering a little walk around the hospital when possible. Thank you.