Ashli Brown

Ashli Brown, RN

Medical Unit
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Ashli is a dayshift nurse on the medical unit who works tirelessly and gives her very best every day to her patients, their families, and her co-workers. The depth of Ashli's compassion is inspiring. It is always a good day to be working next to Ashli.

Most recently, Ashli has spent the majority of her shifts working with a patient who has been hospitalized for months. The patient and family have been through many, many rough days as well as victorious days.

After many months of not being able to verbalize after a traumatic brain injury, the patient was able to look at Ashli and say, "Hi Ashli". Ashli was moved to tears and, as her co-worker, I couldn't help but think that Ashli's constant attentiveness and diligence in compassionate care towards this patient has helped this family more than anyone could really ever verbalize.

Great job Ashli! I know I speak for a lot of your co-workers when I say we love working with you!