Ashley Youngsfelt

Ashley Youngsfelt, BSN, RN

Step Down
Advocate Christ Medical Center and Advocate Hope Children's Hospital -Oak Lawn
Oak Lawn, Illinois
United States

Ashley Youngsfelt completely exemplifies the DAISY qualities!!! Since the day she started on 9 South, she has been a shining star and we're so lucky to have her!

Ashley has a keen ear and eye, often noticing a change in lung sounds or heart rhythms... she's saved quite a few patients with her keen assessment skills and quick response time by notifying MDs right away of the noted changes and receiving orders for medications! If she is unable to receive orders for what she feels the patient needs, she does not hesitate to call a Rapid Reponse to get assistance in the patient's best interest.

Ashley is often found going above and beyond. She will not think twice about navigating the hospital to get her patients a Lorna Doone cookie because we don't stock them, or going to CDU to get a warm blanket for her shivering patient. Just today I saw Ashley taking time out of her night to ambulate a patient that was wasn't even her patient! Ashley lives to make patients happy, safe and comfortable.

Ashley has recently become both a Clinical Coach and a Charge RN....and she is excelling at both! In the short time she's been in these new roles, she's CONSISTENTLY recognized by her peers for her outstanding teamwork, critical thinking skills, and coaching/mentoring. If another nurse is behind, she doesn't hesitate to get their new admit tucked in, assess them, and even start the admission process.

Ashley is on the Wound Team, and does so with passion and vigor. She jumps at the opportunity to share her knowledge and assessment skills, and champions new and re-visited best practices.

I can't stress enough how blessed we truly are to have such a wonderful employee who cares so much about the patients, the staff, and everyone around her.