Ashley Kramer

Ashley Kramer, BSN

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States
Ashley was an advocate for our daughter and stood up for her when she felt the need to.

Ashley’s hard work, gentleness, kindness, advocacy for our child, explaining everything to us and understanding our child's needs, she went over and beyond in every area. While the PICU staff was great all around, we felt so much joy and comfort when she walked in for each shift. She never once knew our child except on a vent, but we sensed she cared for her as if she were her own. It's been several months since we were in the PICU but still remember the excellent care she gave our daughter while there. Our daughter was adopted and is just beginning to build her life story and Ashley will always have a chapter in that story we will never forget.

Ashley always listened and made eye contact with us. She spent numerous hours hovering over our daughter’s bed holding her body still while she was fighting sedation. She always went out of her way to hand pick bed quilts that matched or that she felt would lift our spirits. She was so gentle with her and always offered to bathe her even though it was not the easiest task on a vent. And most of all she was an advocate for our daughter and stood up for her when she felt the need to. She knew what our daughter's needs were and relayed it to any staff that was taking on her care.

There was never a time that Ashley did not explain what she was doing or why she was doing it. She helped understand so much about our daughters care. After a doctor left the room she would always ask if we understood everything they said. She was so knowledgeable with everything going on that we never questioned anything she did.

We would never leave our daughter’s room without one of us there at first but after a few days with Ashley we would leave the floor when she was there and get out for a bit because we knew our daughter was in good hands and she knew her every need.