Ashley Houts

Ashley Houts, RN

12S-Oncology, Solid Tumors, Palliative
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

From Patient’s Family:
After a particularly trying night with an aide, Ashley Houts was very attentive, going above and beyond “her job” to make my mother comfortable. When she was battling hours of being on the toilet, Ashley did everything she needed to, no matter how unpleasant or time consuming to make my mother as comfortable as possible.

From Manager of 12S:
As a manager, I would like to add that I rounded on this family and followed up on a service complaint that Ashley helped recover. They couldn’t say enough about how great Ashley was. She was attentive to their needs and showed concern when they addressed an issue they had with another staff member. Ashley stepped up and fielded their concern and thanked them for their input. The family felt very comfortable with Ashley as their nurse. The daughter stated that Ashley did everything for them to make them feel at ease.

Ashley makes this part of her normal routine every time she punches in. She has already been voted by her peers to receive the Nurse Excellence Award for 2012. As a manager, I feel very comfortable when Ashley is in charge because of incidents like this. She takes accountability for the unit and makes sure everyone is receiving the best possible care by checking in on staff to see if they need assistance and then providing it, herself. She continually goes above and beyond to make this floor run smoothly.