Ashley Hildreth

Ashley Hildreth, RN

Beaufort Memorial Hospital
Beaufort, South Carolina
United States

Ashley demonstrates compassionate care each and every shift she works. A 5 year old boy came to the ED with his grandmother complanming of back pain. Something that was not new for this child, but because of his home situation, it went untreated. After a battery of tests in the ED, it was determined that the child had cancer with several large lesions in multiple locations. His prognosis was poor. Ashley was the charge nurse and had become involved in this patient's case. She was devastated by the news of this patient's condition. At some point during his stay, the child mentioned he wanted a Nintendo DS. Ashley knew his time was short and wanted him to have something special that would occupy his time and bring him joy during the rigorous treatments he would soon encounter. She clocked out and went shopping for a Nintendo DS on her own accord and money. She was unable to find one in stores so she called her sister who she knew had one. She arranged with her sister for the Nintendo and several games. As you can imagine, the child was very excited and happy to receive such a gift. Ashley made a difference. She does not talk of the incicdent, has not asked for recognition and does not wish to be reimbursed for her expenses. This was something she did because she knows the true meaning of being a nurse.