Ashley Gilmore

Ashley Gilmore

Ashley Gilmore, LPN

Ambulatory Spine Center
Yale - New Haven Hospital
New Haven, Connecticut
United States
Ashley Gilmore is committed to providing an excellent patient experience for each and every patient that comes through our doors.

Ashley Gilmore is committed to providing an excellent patient experience for each and every patient that comes through our doors. As a Licensed Practical Nurse in our spine clinic, Ashley cares for challenging patients every day. Patients who are living with chronic pain, patients who are postoperative from complicated surgeries, and patients seeking second and third opinions in hopes that one of our surgeons will offer a solution to decrease their pain. Ashley greets every patient and family with a warm welcome, makes personal connections to put their fears at ease and spends as much time as it takes to answer questions, provide education and ensure patients and families are comfortable with their plan of care. Additionally, Ashley works in the background supporting our Physicians by organizing clinic preparations and increasing efficiencies at the Spine Center. Ashley has worked to standardize surgical consent forms to simplify the process, she has created shortcuts in EPIC for MD documentation and she has created a communication form for nursing/MD handoff. Her hard work and attention to detail have been recognized by our physician partners for improving the patient experience by increasing efficiencies and standardizing workflow.

In a recent note I received from an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who covered in our clinic, the following quotation demonstrates the perception of Ashley’s care: “With all of the aforementioned positivity, the crème de la crème most certainly is Ashley. I began my nursing career as an LPN so I am particularly proud to be associated with her. I am certain you recognize her value and I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate her. You are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of your staff, as are the many patients and families whose lives she has surely touched.” Here are some examples of comments from Spine Center Patient Satisfaction Surveys that are frequently noted: “Ashley is friendly and professional!” “Ashley goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met.” “Ashley’s positive attitude and smile is my favorite part of the visit!”

Ashley embodies the values of Yale-New Haven Hospital:  Integrity: As the clinical nursing Safety Coach representation for the Spine Center, Ashley ensures that the correct processes are followed for patients to receive optimal care at the Spine Center. She mentors other staff and guides the work that needs to be done by role modeling the principles of a High-Reliability Organization.  Patient-Centered: Ashley is loved by patients and families that come to the Spine Center. As evidenced by the comments we receive, patients and families know her by name. Ashley makes a lasting impression in the representation of the Spine Center. Respect: Ashley actively listens and brings new ideas to the Spine Center team. Ashley is the voice of the clinical staff at the Spine Center on our Communication Team. She values the opinions of others and advocates for teamwork.  Accountability: Ashley holds herself and others to the highest of expectations. Ashley takes action when things go wrong and works to improve what needs to be fixed. She never gives excuses to patients. She is genuine and authentic when communicating difficult messages. Compassion: Ashley is often recognized by patients, families, and peers for her calm demeanor and empathy that is displayed in every interaction.

Ashley Gilmore deserves The DAISY Award for her hard work and dedication to our patients at the Spine Center every day. In her role, she is a central component to addressing complex patient needs in person and via the telephone. Outpatient nursing at the Spine Center is an important role that takes a special person to fulfill since our patients return to us for many visits over long periods of time. With her patience and smile, patients and families feel at ease during stressful times. Making those personal connections allow patients to feel comfortable when they visit the Spine Center for their care.