Ashley Fulcher

Ashley Fulcher, RN

BSA Hospital
Amarillo , Texas
United States
Ashley is very professional and takes very good care of her patients.

Ashley is an exceptional charge nurse! She is so knowledgeable and efficient. She gives us such peace of mind when my family member is going through difficult chemo treatments. She has solved many problems we have encountered in a quick and precise manner. This was our last chemo after seven months and she took us downstairs when we were dismissed. She hugged us both and genuinely cared for us during all these months. She told us she would be praying for us and to come back to visit. What a gem!!


Ashley is so kind, thoughtful, and smart.  She makes every hospital stay so must better.  My husband and I have learned so much about his chemo medicines and treatments because of her.  My husband and I have a lot of respect for her.  She is very professional and takes very good care of her patients.  Our experience is not one specific time.  It's every time she enters your room or you see her in the hall.  She is a light that shines!!!  Every single time she displays a positive attitude.