Ashley Doughman

Ashley Doughman

Ashley Doughman, RN

Med-Surg Float
Saint Joseph Hospital - Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

I cannot begin to tell you how fantastic Ashley Doughman is. I, too, am a nurse, and my husband is leery of healthcare (he has heard all the stories). After a stent placement he had been essentially in the bed for about 30 hours and was going stir crazy. He is a self-employed active person and being tied down was extremely unnerving for him. Ashley immediately recognized this and intervened. As soon as he was able to get up and move around, she came to the room, got him up and walked with him. She was understanding and patient. She also understood the fact that he was a smoker and that this, too, can make a person on edge. Her patience with him was beyond extraordinary. She allowed him to be up, but did not smother him with her presence. She came into his room every hour for rounding herself. She was alert and prepared to speak about his medications, vital signs, heart rhythm, and any other questions that I asked. She did not stumble or stammer when asked a question that a prudent nurse should know about her patient; she knew the answer. She makes being a nurse look easy (and that is a hard skill to achieve these days). Most significant to me, her level of professionalism allowed me to be the wife and not the nurse.

When we were ready to be discharged the next day, she was on time and explained each instruction clearly. When the physician/PA did not get some things right, she immediately advocated for her patient and got issues resolved quickly. I cannot tell you how proud I was of her and her nursing skills. Saint Joseph is lucky to have Ashley as a nurse. The entire experience was frightening for my husband, but he raved about Ashley and her skills and her patience with him. He said she never appeared rushed to him "like most nurses do" (I am sure he was thinking of me when he made that reference).

I read an article from ASHRM last week, and it said that patients only want three things from their healthcare experience and in this order: "Don't hurt me, heal me and be nice to me."

As I thought about this, I agree that the entire experience is encompassed in these three things.