Ashley Carle

Ashley Carle

Ashley Carle, BSN, RN

Heart & Vascular Unit
Yale New Haven Hospital
New Haven, Connecticut
United States
Each and every day she works, Ashley strives to form a personal connection with her patients. She never makes them feel as a patient lying in a bed, but as an individual person.

Ashley demonstrates compassionate care on a daily basis. She always forms excellent relationships with both her patients and family members. She takes both parties interests into account when caring for them. Often on a daily basis Ashley can be seen printing Mandala’s for patients to color, or talking to patient’s about their personal life. Last week she even brought in a cupcake from home for her patient's birthday. Each and every day she works, Ashley strives to form a personal connection with her patients. She never makes them feel as a patient lying in a bed, but as an individual person.

Ashley has formed many connections with her patients. However, in one particular instance Ashley went above and beyond the call of duty. Ashley was caring for a particular patient who was about to undergo an amputation. The patient was understandably anxious and nervous. Ashley used a holistic approach to care for this patient and also his wife who stayed by his side 24/7 as his care partner. She was often seen sitting at the bedside talking with the patient about his preferences and fears. In addition she provided emotional support to the wife and ensured she was sleeping, eating and taking care of herself. One day this patient’s wife decided to go home because she was tired. Unfortunately that night the wife came to the ED complaining of a headache and was found to have a massive brain aneurysm. The wife was sent to the ICU here and remained in critical condition for days. During this time, Ashley resumed care of the patient and advocated to bring the patient daily to the ICU to see his wife. Each day Ashley worked, she ensured she provided emotional support to him and also now his extended family, i.e. children, grandkids. As the wife deteriorated the patient became more and more depressed. However, Ashley came to the unit every day with a positive attitude and encouraged the patient to do the same. The patient eventually became stronger to the point he was able to walk around the unit despite his amputation. He wanted to get better to stay with his wife. Things seemed to be improving for him which made our entire unit happy. Unfortunately a few days later the family called Ashley to let her know the wife had passed away suddenly in the ICU. Ashley went right to doing what she does best, she stayed with the patient, allowed him to cry and hugged him when he needed it. But Ashley did not stop there. She finished everything she was doing to get the patient once again to see his wife. She stayed with the patient during this time, ensuring he was supported throughout. Days later the patient was able to be discharged from the hospital to short term rehab.

This specific example shows how Ashley has made a significant difference in the life of the patient and family. Ashley should feel proud of the amazing connection she formed with both. It can be a challenge for new grads to not only complete tasks on any given day but to also form holistic relationships with patients. Ashley seems to do this with ease. It is clear she loves being a nurse. I’m sure the relationship Ashley formed with this patient will be etched in her mind for her entire career as a nurse.

Ashley Carle started working as a graduate nurse on HVC SP 5-3 in July 2016. She is a creative and kind individual who often brings in goodies for our staff and patients. She often makes desserts for the staff, or even creative lancets, like Owls, or "It's a boy" for my pregnancy. Although she has only been here for a short period of time, she has already become an active member of our team. She even volunteered to be co-chair of our unit's Sunshine Club to encourage recognition on our unit. She is just that kind of person!