Ashley Burdock

Ashley Burdock

Ashley Burdock, RN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

Ashley Burdock was a wonderful nurse.  My husband was very ill, and she did all she could to make him comfortable.  She was very helpful to me and our family.

I am 88-years-old and didn’t know my way around the hospital.  Ashley took me to the cafeteria and explained how to get what I wanted to eat.  She even insisted on paying for my meal and carried my tray back to my husband’s room.  When I didn’t want to leave his room, she made sure I had my meals.

My husband had to go to a nursing home when he was released from the hospital.  He was very upset that he couldn’t go home.  I was upset too.  We have been married for 64 years and it was hard to go home without him.  Ashley hugged me and cried with me when we left the hospital. 

I will never forget Ashley.