Ashley Beggs

Ashley Beggs, RN

Baptist Health Paducah
Paducah, Kentucky
United States

This past Christmas our Surgical Vascular unit admitted a patient who was homeless. He received a terminal cancer diagnosis while in the hospital. He was told it would probably be his last Christmas. He had a son around 8 years old, who lived with his mother, the patient's ex-wife.

Upon learning that the young boy was not going to have Christmas presents, Ashley spearheaded efforts to collect money to buy Christmas presents for him to give to his son. She went shopping and bought presents for the child and for the patient. She purchased an outfit so the patient could be photographed in street clothes.

Ashley went and picked up the son and his Mother, and brought them to the hospital. The patient's son opened his presents in front of his father, probably for the last time. She took the patient and his son to our hospital lobby, so that pictures could be taken in front of the Christmas tree. Lots of pictures were taken, printed and placed in photo albums for family to keep.

Our patient was transferred to a Nursing home later that same day. Ashley took the time and initiative to help this family in need. She helped create special memories for this young boy, and provided peace and comfort to her patient.