Ashley Barton

Ashley Barton

Ashley Barton, RN

Altru Health System
Grand Forks, North Dakota
United States

One word amazing. The best nurse I have had in all my ages. I had a knee replaced and was feeling miserable. I had severe nausea and pain. She stayed with me for half an hour, I knew she was so busy, but she never once made me feel like I was an inconvenience or she was rushing.

She used her knowledge of pain medications to get me comfortable and took my nausea away. She was always explaining things to me, I honestly never had to ask one question because she answered them before I could. That night alarms were going off right and left and she was in my room turning them off before I could call her. Ashley always had a true smile on her face, not fake. She held my hand and put cold towels on to help nausea. With her there I knew I was going to be fine.

The next night my family was up visiting. My husband has difficulty walking and he wanted some coffee. All he said was I think I will grab some coffee and the next thing I knew Ashley was going to grab some for him. She acknowledged all my family and played with my great granddaughter. When she left the room, my whole family commented on how great she was!

She used humor and laughter to help my healing too. She is a gem, a real keeper. I find myself thinking about all the time she could have gotten frustrated with me but did not. I am so thankful she was my nurse! I can't thank her enough.