Arlyn Alm

Arlyn Alm

Arlyn Alm, RN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Arlyn Alm is an outstanding role model and provides extraordinary care on a daily basis. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. She exudes a calm demeanor, even in a crisis, and her communication skills and interdisciplinary collaboration lead to excellent patient care. Arlyn is very flexible and able to excel in any role she takes, whether it is as a charge nurse, a preceptor, a dialysis nurse, or a bedside nurse.

A colleague shared, "I can think of more than one occasion in which my day was made better because Arlyn was so supportive to her coworkers. As just one example, there was a day in which I was in charge, but I was under the weather and, to put it bluntly, a "hot mess." I called out sick midway through the shift and had to go home. Arlyn picked up the role as charge RN, which was a little disorganized due to my feeling so poorly. Arlyn just smiled and said, "Go home." And I could, because I knew the floor was in excellent hands with Arlyn at the helm.

"Another person might have been irritated by my chaotic ill call, or I might not have felt as comfortable leaving without trying to fix some of my disorganization. But thankfully, Arlyn was so supportive and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful coworker. There are many examples I could give to support why Arlyn is worthy of the DAISY Award however, this one example was personal and that day, she meant the world to me."

Thank you so much, Arlyn, for being such an awesome coworker day in and day out! We all truly appreciate how much you do on a daily basis.