Arlene Habdank

Arlene Habdank, RN

Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Riverside, California
United States

I have to say Arlene has been the best nurse I have had from day one. I was admitted with my P.E’s and she was my day nurse. She came in and from the start was very professional, compassionate and very informative to a very scared patient (a Nurse, LVN, who hates to be on the patient end). She sensed my nervousness and fears and was very attentive to my apprehension and fears. She not only took care of me but on the days she wasn’t my nurse, she still made it a point to come by and say Hi and ask how I was doing. She always had a professional attitude (always pulling the curtain or closing the door for my privacy) and she never exposed me unlike some other nurses who would just come in without knocking or at least acknowledge me that they were coming in and if it was O.K!. The charge nurse also was very conscious of that as well and always cheerful and greeted you with a smile. They both made my stay much easier. They should be mentors/examples of how you should treat patients.