Aris Trinidad

Aris Trinidad, RN

Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
Fountain Valley, California
United States

Aris is a very kind caring and smart nurse. He had no problem with giving me the answers and information “printed” on a few subject matters that I had no knowledge of: i.e., prolactin blood testing and adrenal glands. He kindly and professionally introduced himself as my nurse for the evening and was prompt with medication and asked if there was anything else I needed. Just a great nurse. He shows high standards and care for his clients and duties.
I am “the frequent flyer” here at OCMMC but had never met Aris. I am pleased to say his talent shows immediately with his introduction and morals. Super star employee, nice smile and made me very comfortable. An overall asset to OCMMC. He shows patients are of great importance to him. He is everything a patient wishes to have as a nurse for their care.