Apryl Keaty

Apryl Keaty, MSN, CEN, CCRN

Resource Pool
University Medical Center (TX)
Lubbock, Texas
United States

Photo: left-right: Melissa Campbell, MSN, Tim Howell, MSN, Brenda Jerome, MSN, Tammy Williams, MSN, CNO, Apryl Keaty, MSN, Colleen LeClair-Smith, MSN, and Jessica Newbold, MSN.

I experienced a unique opportunity to observe an exceptional nurse today. Upon escorting a visitor to MICU, I witnessed Apryl Keaty, MSN, providing end of life care to a patient and his family. The door to the patient’s room was open enough to hear the conversation involving the physician, nurse, patient’s wife and teenage daughters. Apryl through her kind words, touch of a caring hand functioned in the role of a nurse, patient advocate, wife and mother all at the same time. She allowed two girls and their mother to say “goodbye” with warmth, love, dignity, compassion and respect. Apryl allowed and created an atmosphere for this family to begin the “healing process” during a very difficult and emotional time for all involved. Because of the compassion Apryl demonstrated to a family during a patient’s end of life, she herself will be sweetly remembered. Thank you for taking care of this family….as if they were your own.