April Eakle

April Eakle

April Eakle, RN

Surgical nursing unit
West Virginia

April provided the best nursing care I have experience based on my several prolonged stays at the hospital. She consistently provided very high quality care - both qualitative and quantitative.

Examples of her clinical skills:
1) anticipated my needs prior to getting around to asking
2) looking at my Potassium and Magnesium levels and making sure these were in the proper range
3) making sure pain medication was timely provided and available
4) keeping my wife informed of events and needs
5) explaining what and why things were being done and needed.

She also checked verbal guidance of resident doctor versus written of surgeon and got clarification. Thereby, avoiding prematurely removing the catheter and JP drain which would have resulted in having to re-insert. She provided emotional support as well as clinical. She made sure at shift change the next nurse knew what patient's special needs are.

April Eakle is just excellent and models what a nurse should be.