April Cruz

April Cruz

April Cruz, RN, BSN

Labor and Delivery
MacNeal Hospital
Berwyn, Illinois
United States

On January 1st through January 2nd, 2014, I was with my sister on the delivery side of the OB floor for the birth of her daughter. I would like to comment on the excellent care she received during the whole labor. The staff was attentive to her needs and did not try to rush anything with her being in labor there for 36 hours. The two doctors she had, first Dr. B., and Dr. G., as well as the resident Dr. W., were excellent in making the delivery as smooth as possible, and making it as comfortable as possible. The nurses she had, which were quite a few, were all really excellent too. I especially want to mention the nurse who was there for the actual delivery, April Cruz. She was fantastic!

April was caring, encouraging, supportive, compassionate, and explained what was happening during the whole delivery. She really went above and beyond to care for mother and baby. With this being her first pregnancy and not having experienced anything like this before, it can be a bit scary, frustrating, and nerve-racking. But April made it a very calm environment and was very reassuring to her. I also want to mention the April was very patient with us from the time after the delivery till the time she was transferred to the postpartum side.

As a registered nurse myself, I know how important the type of care is to patients and their families, and we had the best during our stay. Thank you!