Anu Perumbananickal Baby
July 2017
Anu Perumbananickal
Neuroscience Floor
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Jeddah
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




I would like to thank my colleague Ms. Anu baby from 1 south unit.  In May she was the charge nurse one weekend which means many more responsibilities besides handling her own patients as a primary nurse.

On that day, the ward was busy with high acuity patients and many procedures. She helped other nurses by answering their patients’ call bells, transferred their patients down for procedures. One of the patients was post craniotomy day 2 and suddenly had tachycardia, low BP, chest pain, neuro changes and gasping. Anu took charge of the patient even though she was not the primary nurse for the patient. She called the physician, carried multiple orders, which were entered in the system.

She was able to coordinate patients’ care utilizing the whole team, such as calling the PCA to take a patient to CT accompanied with another nurse, announcing RRT for the sick patient, liaising with family and reassuring them. On that day, she did not go for a break, she was calm and led the team in very professional manner.

Her leadership skills and passion inspired me a lot. She was a good role model for me. I would like to say thank you to her by sharing how she made a difference to the team and to the sick patient that I will never forget.