Anthony Burich

Anthony Burich

Anthony Burich, RN

Healdsburg District Hospital
Healdsburg, California
United States

Anthony Burich is a Med Surg RN who is always willing to go the extra mile.' He is helpful, knowledgeable and always pleasant. His dedication to patient and family education is clearly evident as well as his unwavering compassion.

Even though he has been a nurse only a short time, Anthony is described by his peers as having a positive attitude and being cheerful all the time. His great attitude and willingness to assist coworkers is something to be treasured.

He is an awesome nurse who really cares for his patients and because of his compassionate efforts, his patients experience a level of care that truly represents the impact nurses have in creating a healing environment where patients and family feel at home.

While it is a normal part of Anthony's shift to make positive changes in a patient's life, big or small, he deserves the DAISY Award for being the excellent nurse that we all strive to be!

Anthony Burich always comes across with an excellent attitude toward patients and staff. He gets his work done in a timely manner, even with the most difficult patient assignments.

He will be one of the first to offer to help other staff, even when he is busy. If I was a patient, I would be very happy to have Anthony as my nurse and when I work on the Med Surg unit, I really enjoy working with him.

Anthony is a relatively new nurse but you would never guess that unless you remember the day he was hired. Anthony is a big bear with a gentle touch, the warmest smile, a huge heart and a smart head. I only wish we could clone him!

The biggest flaw that I found with Anthony is that he will go above and beyond, drop almost anything he is doing at the moment, and no matter how busy his assignment is he will try to help anybody who is in need of help, who asks for it or who is obviously drowning. Anthony takes on the scariest, busiest and hardest assignments with eagerness to learn and to solve and best of all he makes his patients and his fellow nurses feel good about work and themselves.

How does he do it? Ask him to share his secret, we all want to know.

I have watched Anthony shift after shift take the most complex patients, a heavier load of patients. He always has a smile, takes his time with his patients and families to reassure them and explain the hospital process. He never complains and is the first one to help his coworkers when there is a need. He is dependable and capable. The patients as well as the staff love him, due to his friendly and helpful attitude, as well as his excellence in nursing. There have been several patients ask for him by name because he took such good care of them the last time they were here.