Annette Brennan

Annette Brennan

Annette Brennan, RN

4th Floor, Med/Surg
Seton Medical Center Hays
Kyle, Texas
United States

Can you imagine being a patient for 25 days?  Can you imagine being confined to your < 200 sq ft room for 25 days?  Can you imagine not being able to hold or see your children for 25 days?  Well recently one of our 4th floor patients did not have to "imagine", she had to live this reality.  Lucky for her she had some amazing, caring and compassionate nurses taking care of her.

On one particular day this patient was feeling particularly sad and confined.  Annette Brennan happened to be this patient's primary nurse.  She took the time to sit down and have a normal conversation with her patient.  Nothing about signs and symptoms, medical mumbo-jumbo or those other things we tend to stick to when we converse with our patients.  During their conversation, the patient mentioned to Annette that she really, really, really wanted some homemade apple pie.  Much to the patient's surprise and delight, Annette showed up the very next day, her day off, with a homemade apple pie.  Annette delivered the pie, spent a quick minute saying hello to the patient and then went on her way.

This kind of care and compassion is exactly what the DAISY award is all about.  We are blessed to have Annette as part of our team here at Hays!  And, the pie was awesome!