Annette Barrett

Annette Barrett

Annette Barrett, RN, ACLS

Observation Unit
Beaumont Hospital - Trenton
Trenton, Michigan
United States
You have a real angel working for you, Annette has blessed me in so many ways.

I was admitted from the emergency room with diverticulitis to the observation floor.  I have no insurance and explained repeatedly that I could take medication at home.  The staff explained that I needed IVs. Annette truly understood my situation as tears poured from my eyes thinking about the cost of this stay, she had such compassion for me, she is a nurse of integrity, righteousness and advocated for the patient.  I refused all pain meds and just breathed through the bouts of pain.  I refused the Heparin and shared with Annette that if she could unhook me from the IV after meds that I could walk and wouldn’t need Heparin and wouldn’t be charged.  She explained hospital policies to me, I told her I understand the risk.  I was not a fall risk even though they gave me that band.  I’m so grateful for her having common sense and great knowledge to just document each time I left the unit to walk, she understood how important it was to me to keep moving.  The more I could walk the more gas I could pass and wouldn’t need Heparin.  I’m allergic to so many meds in the first place.  She passed all information to the other nurses, so I wouldn’t be stuck in my room and in the bed.  I explained to her that she is truly a blessing.  I’m so pleased that we found a balance between hospital policy and patient’s best interest.  Annette is filled with so many God-given gifts and talents, her wisdom is that of none others, she saw me and not just a hospital policy and procedure.  I know those are important.  I worked in long-term care for over 32 years.  But I was so blessed by her kindness, integrity and patient quality of life wisdom.  I know the hospital is in the business to also make money and deserves to get paid for services provided.  She did her very best to keep my cost down.  You have a real angel working for you, she has blessed me in so many ways, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially during my stay.  I will explain below:

Mentally:  A gentleman was admitted to the unit that screamed and yelled all night, used foul and vulgar language towards the staff.  No one person was able to rest their minds that night and morning.  The staff was doing all they could with this man.  After hours of this, I asked to be unplugged from the IV so I could walk and get my mind clear from all the screaming of that man.

Emotionally:  Being able to leave the room and sit in the chapel and near the windows to feel some sunshine and look at scenery different than the entrance doors, to get some fresh air and hear the birds, feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun.

Spiritually:  Annette was Christ-like to me, she treated me with dignity, respect, honesty, and love.

Physically:  Walking not having to take Heparin or pain meds or having any skin breakdown.

Financially:  She did everything in her power to help keep my cost low.

Thank you, Annette.