Annetta Andrews

Annetta Andrews

Annetta Andrews, RN

Labor and Delivery
Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center (VA)
Midlothian, Virginia
United States

...Annie is a Shift Resource Nurse on the Labor and Delivery unit. Annie personifies the Bon Secours service excellence experience by consistently demonstrating clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care. On a recent typical evening for Annie, she arrived to receive the board report and make assignments. This night would prove to be anything but typical.

While receiving the board report, Annie was informed of a patient that had delivered her third child and as a result of complications with her delivery; she was in the Intensive Care Unit. The patient was critical but stable. She was intubated and on a vent, and her husband remained at her bedside. The off-going charge nurse explained that the newborn was in the nursery and doing well. Annie decided, in that moment, she would contact the Primary ICU nurse and have a plan to not only get the baby "skin to skin" with her mother, but to also initiate breastfeeding.

Annie rolled the bassinette to the ICU and walked in the room. The father had a look of overwhelming joy. Annie proceeded to unwrap the baby girl and put her skin to skin with her mother. Suddenly, the mother who had been unresponsive opened her eyes and began to try to breastfeed her baby. As the parents enjoyed the presence of each other with their baby girl, Annie grabbed their phone and began to take photos to ensure they would never forget that moment. The father was so grateful for these moments with his wife and daughter.

The next day, Annie informed the nurses on L&D of the success and asked that they continue to take the baby up to be with her mother and father. Annie exemplifies nursing excellence. This is only one example of how Annie goes above and beyond to provide World Class Care to our patients.

Annie was also very moved by what she experienced that evening stating, "It brings tears to my eyes. I am in awe at the strength of a mother. This is why I became a nurse". We are incredibly fortunate to have Annetta Andrews, RN on our team.