Anne Hallidy

Anne Hallidy, RN

Med Surg
Seton Medical Center Austin
Austin, Texas
United States

I was in the hospital for a temporary colostomy take down and colon repair. I didn't like being in the hospital and was determined to get out ASAP, much earlier than the norm. While I very much appreciated Anne's technical knowledge and overall professional skills, what was perhaps even more important to my recovery was Anne's good-humored, down to earth, non-patronizing manner, culminating in her advocacy for me to stay in the hospital until I was really physically ready to leave.

On the day I was determined to leave, my doctor advised me strongly to stay another day, but it was Anne who used her great nursing skills and personal talents to explain the advantages to me and my family of hospital nursing care, and the possible anxiety-provoking consequences of leaving too early. Because she'd always been clear, knowledgeable, and relational before, I trusted her, following her advice to follow my doctor's recommendation. I'm glad I did.

Thanks, Anne! And of course thanks to all the other great nurses and other staff at Seton!