Anne Ganse

Anne Ganse

Anne Ganse, RN

Neuro Surgical
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

Anne Ganse showed immense calmness, patience and knowledge all of the days she was on duty during my father's stay on the Neuro floor. After having a stroke and being admitted from the ER, my dad was very anxious and extremely nervous due to his constant dizziness. This feeling was overwhelming to him and having to lie flat on his back to improve his recovery was extremely difficult for him. Anne explained to my Dad, and also to us as a family members, what was occurring with his body and why it was critical that he follow the directions given by his doctor. Her explanation and instruction helped us all feel more comfortable and have a better understanding of the task at hand.

Anne continued to recognize and diffuse the anxiousness throughout my Dad's hospital stay by giving him a back rub which calmed him dramatically. She did this even when she had not had her own breaks due to the number of patients and activity on her floor.

Her professionalism and specific knowledge of the needs of a stroke patient were invaluable to our family. We truly appreciate how she gave of herself to help us all through a very difficult situation.