Anne Emmons

Anne Emmons

Anne Emmons, RN, BSN

Outpatient Oncology
Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

Anne is an exceptional nurse who provides our oncology patients thorough, quality nursing care on a consistent base basis. Anne repeatedly has taken extra steps to assure that our patients treatment plans are accurate. Her critical thinking and clinical expertise allow her to navigate treatment plans with exceptional attention to detail, assuring no gaps in the patient's treatment plans.

On October 1st Anne went beyond her day's treatment to thoroughly investigate a patient's treatment plan. Through further investigation Anne was able to identify that part of the chemotherapy regimen was not accurately timed per the physician's recommendation. This finding could have easily been missed with possible negative outcomes to our patient. For Anne to catch this potential for error required significant digging through clinic notes, physician notes and going back several weeks to determine what the real plan was to be. This type of action is routine for Anne and it deserves recognizing the extraordinary efforts she goes to.

This is just one example of the care Anne provides our patients on a daily basis. Anne is passionate about the care she provides her patients, and her clinical expertise assures that our patients are receiving the highest quality care possible. The Oncology Service Line is honored to have such an exceptional nurse caring for our patients.