Anne Cramton

Anne Cramton

Anne Cramton, RN

Opthamology unit
Royal Alexandra Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta

Anne Cramton is the inaugural DAISY Award Honoree at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, and there couldn't be a more deserving nurse. Not only does she meet all of the criteria for the DAISY Award, but Anne is also the epitome of great nurses everywhere. She is caring and understanding and was nominated by two different families/patients on her unit.

One family described Anne as being "an incredible nurse who always greets them." His wife has been admitted to Anne's unit 4 times in the last year. "She make us feel comfortable, she has excellent clinical skills and is compassionate and empathic to all her patients. We love Anne!"

The other family describes Anne as a nurse that continually goes above and beyond to ensure comfort during traumatic events.

Anne's husband states, "Nursing is all she has ever wanted to do". Celebrating her award with her was her family which included 3 generations of nurses!

As you can see by Anne's picture with the other nurses from her unit, she wears her traditional uniform, including the nursing cap, on every shift.