Annabella Barbosa-Prince

Annabella Barbosa-Prince, Staff Nurse III; Wound Os

Hyperbarics Medicine
University Health System - San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
United States

I just wanted to let you all know that I amazed daily at Annabella’s initiative, attention to detail and outstanding customer service skills. She is often here during off hours, days off and on weekends providing care, teaching nurses and teaching patients about skin and fistula issues. She is sensitive to all cultures and always assumes responsibility for her outcomes. She leads by example and demonstrates exemplary actions in leadership behaviors. She remains self directed and resourceful. All of these actions are demonstrated on a daily basis.

Although I work in CS I learn a lot from Annabella and the patients that come to get their supplies always mention her name and how she has helped them in many ways. She also goes out of her way to help CS if a nurse has questions that we cannot answer Annabella is always there when we page her or call for her.