Anna Paull

Anna Paull

Anna Paull, RN

St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital, Madison Heights Campus
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States
Anna did everything she could to keep him out of restraints.

Anna Paull exemplifies what a nurse should be. She is the ultimate team player, kind and compassionate, caring and most importantly a true advocate for her patients. I could give you several examples of this but the most recent one involved a patient received from the psychiatric floor.

Anna’s patient was loud and yelled out frequently, he tried getting out of the bed, he kicked, he swung at staff on occasion. She had him frequently and on the days she took care of him, she would always take the time to talk to him and really listen to him. She spent large parts of her shift with him; while taking care of a full load of patients. He was difficult to understand due to his speech but she would get right down to his level, face to face and encourage him to take his time and repeat himself so she could understand what he was saying and what he needed.

Food makes him happy and she identified that ice cream is one of his favorite things. Anna made sure he always had his ice cream on hand and would travel to other floors of the hospital if the kitchen was closed. When he was kicking, and trying to get out of bed, this patient was in restraints but when under Anna’s care he was not. She did everything she could to keep him out of restraints which usually meant being with him at length, taking extra time to communicate with him and give him the time to have a voice and express himself. 

Anna was such an excellent advocate for this patient, she deserves this DAISY Award.