Anna Graham

Anna Graham, RN

Cardiology CVICU
Florida Hospital Orlando
Orlando, Florida
United States

... A patient's femoral artery repair opens, pulsating blood everywhere. The bedside nurse yells for help, Anna comes in and calmly controls the bleeding with pressure and helps get the patient back to surgery STAT.

A cancer patient is admitted post op with one IV line. Patient becomes hypotensive and symptomatic. The only IV line blows, bedside nurse calls for help, Anna quickly and calmly puts in a large bore IV and helps stabilize the patient. Anna takes the time with both patients to let them know she is there with them and they are doing fine.

Anna cares for a patient with minimal urinary output, and on multiple drips. At the end of her shift the patient is off most of their drips and their urine output is improved. Anna has kept the physicians, charge nurse and family well informed.

Anna does relief charge on the weekends. The staff feels much supported. The physicians are well informed and the family members are encouraged.

Anna has been a member of our Nursing Practice Council, pushing through successful projects that have been published and presented at Sigma Theta. This fall Anna will be heading for medical school. I believe Anna will be a good physician because she is a compassionate, confident, and dynamic critical care nurse.