Anna Carr

Anna Carr, RN, ASN

Stress Center
St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital and Health Care Center
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States

I had the pleasure of being witness to a grateful patient who expressed their gratitude to Anna Carr, RN.


A former patient approached Anna Carr, RN at the crosswalk on campus. A chance meeting for sure - Anna stopped in to confirm her schedule, decided to stay for a meeting where nursing input was being sought, and ran over to the pharmacy as she had some time. In her street clothes, sunglasses and all, a grateful patient approached her.

Seventeen years ago this male patient was here for treatment of the disease of alcoholism. He stopped her and said "I remember you. You probably don't remember me but you saved my life". He went on to remind Anna of his treatment and shared stories of her compassion, support, knowledge of his disease and associated teaching. He reflects on these things often in his recovery to sobriety. He shared "When I think about drinking, I think of you and it sustains me another minute, hour, or day". He reminded Anna of her kind words, healing touch, support/encouragement when he was so physically ill he wasn't sure he wanted to stay in treatment. He closed in saying "I am eternally grateful. I'll never forget you".

Anna was so touched by his gratitude. She was near tears and felt the joy of "all the reasons" she went into the profession of nursing.


Psychiatric nurses endure the highest patient verbal and physical assault in their work according to the data. Anna most certainly has experienced this and yet chooses this work, with this vulnerable population, and I have to say, it shows over and over how dedicated she is to this work.

It was an honor to witness this, and I know it will sustain Anna on those difficult days with patients who may not appear to want help, she'll hold this memory as "the reason".