Ann Ludwig

Ann Ludwig

Ann Ludwig, RN

Hays Medical Center
Hays, Kansas
United States

Ann is pictured here with CNO, Terry Seik, RN, MSN, NEA-BC

Nominated by a patient: I was recently a patient at Hays Medical Center. I had several nurses after the birth of my son, but Ann stood out among them in many ways. Ann is obviously in the field of nursing because of a desire to help others and her compassionate nature and innate kindness shone through in everything she did. I had some complications with the birth of my son and Ann remained caring and thoughtful in all of her interactions with me and my family. I was impressed when I needed assistance performing daily functions and Ann did not seem annoyed or try to push me into trying to do more than my healing body could do. Ann was also very experienced and knowledgeable and was able to suggest several things to help make me more comfortable. Ann also did not seem rushed, but made herself available to help me in any way she could. Ann also seemed to get along well with her co-workers and was helpful towards others even if it was not required of her. Ann was respectful and kind towards me and my entire family and explained what was happening and what to expect in every part of the birth of my son. Ann was encouraging to me and made my experience at Hays Medical Center as positive as it could have been. Thank you Ann for helping me through this difficult time.

Second patient nomination: When I was 20 years old I gave birth to my twin daughters. This was in 1999 and I still remember the care, patience, and compassion Ann had for me. For a young, first time mother I was clueless as to what was going on and what to expect. Ann helped me through it all. She explained things to me and in situations that most would find embarrassing, she helped me through them and made me feel very comfortable. To this day I still tell people that she is my favorite nurse. I've had five children delivered at Hays Medical Center but have only had Ann as my nurse once. For my first delivery I am very honored to have had her there for me. I am also very pleased to see that she's still working for Hays Medical Center. She is an employee that should be held onto and appreciated.