Ann Evans

Ann Evans

Ann Evans, BSN, RN

Interventional Radiology
Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital
Lafayette, Indiana
United States
Ann held his hand throughout his spinal tap while bending down to his level, as he was laying on his stomach.

Ann Evans was amazing!  My husband was very anxious about having a spinal tap, as well as awaiting the results.  The spinal tap was one of many tests to possibly confirm a diagnosis of MS.  We were both scared to death and unsure of what to expect.  Ann, having heard he was anxious, introduced herself, sat on the bed next to him with her hand on his knee and walked him through the procedure step by step.  She told him what to expect and what not to expect.  Her tone and demeanor were so loving and caring.

I watched, amazed, as the fear and anxiety that had been plastered on his face for days, melted away as she talked.  Ann made the entire room smile and even laugh as she told us more about herself and her experience as a nurse.

As Ann rolled him out of the room, my heart felt completely at ease, because it felt as though he was in “motherly hands”.  I turned around to say this to my mother-in-law and before I could she smiled really big and tearfully said “It’s like he’s with mom,” and we hugged each other, knowing Ann would do for him what we wanted to do for him during his procedure.

My husband told me later that Ann held his hand throughout his spinal tap while bending down to his level, as he was laying on his stomach.  He told me how comforting it felt to have her there holding his hand, explaining what was happening.  He returned to me so relieved it was over and told me many times that it wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be.

The past month has been so hard on my husband and me.  Ann, of course, couldn’t give us all the answers our hearts so desired to have at that moment, but she gave us peace of mind for the mountain we were climbing.  I will never forget her and what she did for us that day.  I don’t know why this is a part of the story God wrote for our lives together, but I can guess a part of what God has for us to gain is the experience of having met Ann that day.  I never imagined we would be facing this type of diagnosis, but if we must go through it, I am so very thankful for the nurses and doctors God prepared for us that day.

Thank you for all you do and for leaving me, a nurse of 10 years, with an amazing example of what a nurse should be.  I will remember it forever.